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      Tsuneo Murata

      Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced the BLM18SP_SH1 series of the world's smallest*1 chip ferrite beads (for noise suppression) for use in automotive power supply applications. The company has started shipping samples, and volume production is scheduled to begin in June 2020.
      *1 The world's smallest products with impedance values of 30Ω to 1kΩ and rated current values of 6A to 1.2A. (Based on internal study, as of 8 June, 2020)
      In recent years, in keeping with the progress of automobile electrification, cars have been equipped with an increasing number of electronic components such as cameras, radar, LiDAR*2 and ECUs*3 in order to support ADAS*4 and autonomous driving. To ensure that the numerous in-vehicle components function properly and that a high degree of safety is maintained, it is essential to employ countermeasures against noise in power supply circuits and to ensure a stable power supply to each component. As the number of in-vehicle components increases, needs are growing for improved noise suppression capabilities as well as for miniaturization.
      *2 Light Detection and Ranging: A system that emits laser light in order to detect obstacles around a vehicle
      *3 Electronic Control Unit
      *4 Advanced Driving Assistance System
      With a new structural design that utilizes internal electrode fabrication technology, the new series realizes improved impedance acquisition efficiency along with lower resistance, which leads to a large current. In addition, commercialized in 0603(1608) inch (mm) size (1.6mm × 0.8mm) package, this series has a 50% smaller base area compared to conventional products which are typically packaged in 0805(2012) inch (mm) size (2.0mm × 1.25mm). This provides manufacturers with more flexibility when designing automotive power supply circuits and helps to support more sophisticated autonomous driving with smaller in-vehicle components.

      In addition to this series for automotive power supply applications, Murata has two other series in 0603 inch size—the BLM18SP_SZ1 series for in-vehicle infotainment and the BLM18SP_SN1 series for consumer devices. Going forward, we will continue to develop products which meets the needs of the market and contribute to enhancing automotive performance and functionality.


      • Achieved approx. 50% smaller base area compared to the conventional BLM21PG series
      • Complied with AEC-Q200*5
      • Two times the rated current and three times the impedance of Murata's conventional product (BLM18PG221SH1)
      • Supports up to 6A rated current or 1kΩ impedance (in the BLM18SP_SH1 series)
      • A world's smallest product delivering 600Ω impedance and 1500mA rated current (BLM18SP601SH1)
      *5 AEC-Q200:AEC-Q200: One of the specifications defined by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC)

      BLM18SP_SH1 series

      Product number Impedance (Ω) (at 100MHz) Rated current (mA)
      Impedance Tolerance At ambient temperature 85°C At ambient temperature 125°C
      BLM18SP300SH1 30 ±10Ω 6000 4000
      BLM18SP101SH1 100 ±25% 3700 2500
      BLM18SP221SH1 220 ±25% 2800 1900
      BLM18SP601SH1 600 ±25% 1500 1000
      BLM18SP102SH1 1000 ±25% 1200 800

      Reference: Conventional products
      BLM18PG_SH1 series

      Product number Impedance (Ω) (at 100MHz) Rated current (mA)
      Impedance Tolerance At ambient temperature 85°C At ambient temperature 125°C
      BLM18PG221SH1 220 ±25% 1400 1000


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      Murata in Brief

      Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of ceramic-based passive electronic components & solutions, communication modules and power supply modules. Murata is committed to the development of advanced electronic materials and leading edge, multi-functional, high-density modules. The company has employees and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. For more information, visit Murata's website at

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