Chinas five largest fresh water lakes: known as the "second Great Wall" of the paradise of migratory birds - poyang lake
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      • Release date:2019/01/10
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      China is a vast country with rich natural resources. China's five freshwater lakes, like five bright pearls in general, dotted on the vast land of China.

      Interesting to see the world will use beautiful pictures, take you to enjoy the "five freshwater lakes in China" of the beautiful scenery. For this first phase, we have chosen poyang lake, the largest freshwater lake in China.


      Poyang lake, with an area of 4,125 square kilometers, is the largest freshwater lake in China. There are six nature reserves and one ecological economic zone in poyang lake.


      There are more than 300 species of migratory birds in the poyang lake reserve, with a population of more than one million. Among them, there are 115 species of water birds and more than 50 species of rare birds. It is the world's largest bird reserve, known as the "kingdom of migratory birds".


      Poyang lake is the most important wintering spot for white cranes. Of the more than 4,000 white cranes in the world, 90% of them spend their winter in poyang lake. In addition, there are more than 5,000 white-pillowed cranes in the wild, and 60 percent of them will spend the winter in poyang lake. Poyang lake national wetland park is located in poyang county, on the eastern bank of poyang lake, in the resort of lushan mountain, China's porcelain capital jingdezhen, Taoist holy land of the dragon and tiger mountain, the world natural heritage sanqing mountain, wuyuan the most beautiful rural areas in China.


      Aquatic botanical garden in scenic spot has collected and preserved 230 species of various hygrophyte, including 9 endangered and rare species. It is a comprehensive hygrophyte botanical garden integrating species preservation, scientific research experiment, application demonstration, popular science education and ecological leisure.


      Poyang lake is an internationally important wetland, an important regulating lake in the Yangtze river trunk stream, the largest "kidney of the mainland" in China, one of the ten ecological function reserves, the only member of the world living lake network in China, and one of the global important ecological zones, which plays an important role in maintaining regional and national ecological security.


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